4 Steps for Designing a Cute and Tidy Cubicle

4 Steps for Designing a Cute and Tidy Cubicle

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Clutter can affect your personal and professional behavior. When you are extremely disorganized, everything competes for your attention, making it difficult to focus on completing tasks and potentially influencing perceptions of your professionalism. When you consider the amount of lost productivity on a daily basis, designing a tidy cubicle is an investment in your performance and peace of mind. At Tidy Living, we suggest you utilize storage to its maximum capacity in a small space by viewing each component of the area as prime real estate. Take a look at this simple four-step method for creating an organized and cute cubicle.

Create a Workflow System

To help devise a productive workflow system, start by examining the type of work you do and how you manage it. This technique enables you to determine what to keep and what to eliminate. Utilize cute vertical sorters to store and locate regular or ongoing documents in front of you quickly and easily. Keeping urgent or active files within reach allows you to maintain a tidy work area and then purge the files when the project is complete.

Design a Filing System

The system you devise depends on your job, but make sure to categorize and label everything correctly after establishing a viable filing strategy. We suggest labeling every file folder and box with clearly marked tags so a distinct place exists for everything crossing your desk. You can also approach as filing system by creating two zones: computer, and non-computer work. This process can help you organize your files and find relevant documents easily.

Sort, Classify, and Purge the Unnecessary

Purging your cubicle is an essential step in designing a clutter-free, productive, and engaging workspace. Eliminate everything from your cubicle you don’t need on a frequent basis, that doesn’t belong, or just isn’t a necessity. The number of unnecessary things accumulated in your office may surprise you. The best advice is to purge over time by sorting, grouping, and then tossing or storing the items you don’t use regularly. Be as ruthless as possible during the purging process. If something hasn’t been touched in three months, get rid of it.

Include Only the Appropriate Tools

The tools you require depend on your line of work, and creating a foundation that works for you requires addressing your daily needs and maximizing the available space in your cubicle. Invest only in organizing or storage tools after thinking through your needs carefully. Then you can determine the best storage options. Some ideas include colorful multimedia trays and storage drawers that offer stylish and practical storage for letterhead and loose papers, and also double as in-and-out boxes. Desk trays and portable hanging file folder holders are useful tools for keeping documents organized, compact, and easily accessible.

There are many cubicle organization and storage solutions for tidying up your workspace and boosting your productivity. With these steps and more from the experts at Tidy Living, your office cubicle can be inviting, cute, and efficient. When you work smarter instead of harder, the rewards are worth the investment.

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