7 Ways to Organize Your Condo and Maximize the Space

7 Ways to Organize Your Condo and Maximize the Space

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A shortage of space is a significant challenge for urban living and something that can make organizing a small living space such as a condo quite difficult. Lacking sufficient space can be an inspiring predicament with potentially amazing results. Given the amount of items that many people find essential, necessity often produces the most imaginative designs. At Tidy Living, we have seven tips for organizing your condo and maximizing your space.

Utilize Every Area

It is important to maximize a small living area by utilizing every empty corner by transforming them into something more than unused space. For example, convert the space under your stairs into a home office or computer area, or build shelves beneath the staircase to store your DVD collection or for a personal library.

Use Open Shelving

Closed areas can make already limited spaces feel congested. To create the illusion of more space, consider installing open shelving systems instead of cabinets or cupboards with doors, particularly in the kitchen to showcase your favorite dishes.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

If you love displaying your books to create the feel of a library inside your home, too many could make organizing them a challenge. Instead of scattering your books around your home, consider stacking them to create a book tower. This technique allows you to take advantage of vertical space, and it also makes it easy to see the book titles.

Incorporate Hidden Storage

Purchase furniture containing hidden storage to make the most of an area. For example, a custom-made bed, couch, or coffee table with hidden compartments or drawers is the ideal place to store magazines or to tuck away your valuable personal belongings.

Save on Floor Space

Opt for bunk or loft beds to conserve floor space, particularly if you have a lot of kids. The beds stay in one corner of a room and allow multiple children to share the space. This also leaves more room for play time and their toys. A Murphy bed is another excellent way to turn an infrequently used guest room into precious living space when not in use.

Buy Multi-Functional Furniture

With very limited space, it is essential to use furniture that serves more than one purpose. Instead of just buying a couch, look at purchasing a convertible sofa that may be useful when you have guests spend the night. Convertible chairs can also double as traditional coffee or center tables.

Get Creative with Storage

If you have a lot of accessories and belongings, creative organizing is the best way to decorate. For instance, small, embellished containers can store jewelry and can also be a lovely accent piece on a center table.

While condos aren’t normally as spacious as many houses, this only means you need to make the most of every square inch of space. Fitting everything you own into a condo or any small dwelling space can create a challenge, but with a few organizing ideas and an inventive spirit, you can maximize the space of even the most modest living quarters to create an incredible home.

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