Organize Your Scarves the Easy Way

Organize Your Scarves the Easy Way

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In your quest to organize your home, free up some space and enhance your home’s interior design, you’ve managed the avoid your closets because they contain a ton of scarves. Whether you wear them on your head or around your neck, they deserve to be stored properly so they last a long time.

Assess the Situation

Before you can put anything away you need to know what you have and are working with. If your closet is usually in a constant state of disarray, you’ll need to tidy things up a bit so you can take an accurate inventory of what you have. Depending on our closet’s layout, you may want to consider designating a space specifically for your scarves. Try to choose a spot where they won’t be overlooked so you won’t have to dig around for them when you are ready to wear one.

If your closest is a traditional closet that consists of single pole running from each end, a good location for your scarves would be at the far right, left or smack dab in the middle. That way you can easily access them. If your closet is built more like a walk-in closet, then you have more options for storage.

Choose a Hanger Style

The type of hangers you use for your scarves matter. You may be accustomed to using old wire or plastic hangers when you hung your scarves up in the past. However, using regular hangers doesn’t leave you much space for anything else, which can be a fashionista’s worse nightmare if she has a ton of clothes to organize.

To utilize your closet space efficiently without sacrificing the condition of your scarves use a belt hanger. Belt hangers have multiple racks on them so you can hang more than one scarf on them at a time without fear of them affecting your closet’s organization. You can find them in most stores, but if you are looking for a bargain, you should consider looking online for some.

Another great benefit of hanging your scarves up is that if they are a little damp from being worn in the rain or washed, they can hang and air dry. You won’t be able to enjoy this advantage if you tend to fold them up and put them in drawers or storage cubes.

Hanger and Rack Alternatives

Storage bins and drawers are other practical solutions you can use to keep your scarves nice and neat. If you decide to incorporate them into your closet, just remember that you can use them too store other accessories like belts and jewelry. They come in different sizes for your convenience.

Before you start putting your scarves away, you should arrange them. The ones you wear the most often should be placed at the front, the ones that you don’t should be arranged closer to the back. You don’t have to do much to organize your scarves. You just need to invest in the right storage and organization tools and exercise a little care when putting them away.

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