Top 4 Ways Tidy Living Can Change Your Life

Top 4 Ways Tidy Living Can Change Your Life

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The concept behind decluttering is an old notion. In fact, here at Tidy Living, we understand that tidying up our lives is a sensible and practical goal we should constantly try to achieve. The idea is obvious as we burst out of a lifestyle that had us mindlessly accumulating things. Here are the top five ways to start tackling all of the clutter and enjoy a less stressful life.

Pare Down to the Essentials

Excessive clutter causes stress and can affect every aspect of your life, from your finances to the time it takes to complete projects and your overall enjoyment of life. It is distracting, weighs you down, and invites disorder into your life. However, tackling the confusion can seem insurmountable without knowing where to begin. We suggest you start sorting by category, not location. By devoting the time to rid your life of clutter and maintaining a relatively clutter-free existence, you will reap the rewards of reduced stress and a more productive life.

Thirty-Day Purge

An excellent way to tackle decluttering your home, workspace, and life is to take things one small step at a time. On day one of a 30-day purge, remove one item from your home; then, on day two eliminate two things, and so on for 30 days. At the end of 30 days, you will have purged 564 items. When combined, small measures lead to significant changes that will be simpler to maintain over the long-run.  

Living Deliberately

Reduce your commitments and reconsider routines. When your life is cluttered with duties and responsibilities at home, work, and school, write down all of your commitments. Seeing everything written down can be an eye-opening experience. Look at each one and decide whether it brings you value and joy, and if it is worth your investment.  You can also identify responsibilities that you prefer, and eliminate the rest. It’s also important to learn how to decline offers and say no. If you pass on what does not bring you happiness, you will find more time for what you love.

Declutter Your Digital Life

Remove programs and files from your computer that you no longer use or need. Also, eliminate most or all of the icons on your desktop. They reduce the processor’s speed and also generate visual disarray. Going forward, routinely purge obsolete or unused files by utilizing an organization program such as Google Desktop that will search through your files and find what you need. Reduce the number of things in your RSS feed and how much you read.

Tips from Tidy Living can help you change your life, but clutter will unavoidably sneak back in, so you have to be alert in eliminating them on a routine basis. Otherwise, it will begin to take over again. Decluttering is an external order that contributes to inner calm in your life, and a tidy lifestyle helps you resist the urge to accumulate more clutter. Without an abundance of material possessions, you are free to prioritize what matters: family, passion projects, and hobbies.

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