5 Fun Ideas for Playroom Storage

5 Fun Ideas for Playroom Storage

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For some people, the concept of organization has no connection with imagination, but it is still possible to have a bit of fun with storage products and shelving. This is especially true for those who have children, and home solutions retailers are prepared to help with a wide selection of drawers, baskets and bins. Whether you are expecting your first child or designing an exciting space for your kids, here are five easy ways to maximize storage in the playroom.

Open Shelving

Most parents will agree that open shelving is one of the best ways to reduce clutter while still allowing your little one to access toys and books. For toddlers and infants, a small shelving unit is typically ideal, but as your child grows, you can stack them up higher or swap them for a large bookcase or hutch. If your kids can be trusted not to climb, a taller shelf can be used for games and models as well. Just be sure to secure the shelving unit no matter what size you choose.

Colorful Racks

Another fun way to organize a playroom is to set up wire racks or baskets on the walls and floors. These sturdy metal racks come in many colors and sizes, and they also offer easy access, much like an open shelf. In addition, a wire rack can be cleaned with little effort if your child has an accident in the playroom. All you have to do is select a color and start filling it with figurines and craft items.

Bench Storage

For a hidden hideaway that is both cozy and useful, try purchasing a storage bench instead. These wooden boxes can be personalized with initials or images, and your kids will love having their own special seat. Because storage benches are fairly wide and spacious, they are perfect for board games, spare linens, stuffed animals and more. You might even find your child crouched inside during an intense game of hide and seek.

Bed Drawers

Although a bed may not seem like a playroom necessity, it can still increase storage space and seating. For example, a simple day bed is a great place to relax and watch a movie, and you can use it for sleepovers as well. As far as storage, many models come with drawers under the mattress so your kids can keep their favorite books and toys close by.

Baskets and Bins

Finally, home organization retailers have an assortment of bins and baskets that can be combined with other shelving units and racks. For a cozy, country atmosphere, wicker baskets or stylish yet neutral, while fabric bins can be used to make a bold statement that matches the interior of the room. Try incorporating blue and white bins for a nautical theme or color code each bin for a bright, rainbow effect.  

Above all else, make sure that your shelving and storage units are properly secured to eliminate accidents or injuries. Once you get the playroom organized, your kids will have a comfortable space to grow and learn, and you won’t have to worry about toys cluttering the living room floor.  

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