5 Tips to Better Organize Your Condo!

5 Tips to Better Organize Your Condo!

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Moving into a condo is exciting. You get a place to call your own! But what may start off as cute and simple may eventually end up as busy and cluttered. Keeping a small living space organized can be a challenge. Whether you’ve had a condo for a while and want better organization or you want to plan ahead for your next condo, use this guide to help. Keep your daily life in order and reduce stress through organization.

Utilize Your Closet

Tackling your over-stuffed closet can be daunting. You might be wondering how such a small closet could ever be properly organized. It doesn’t matter how small the space is! You can transform your closet organization no matter what. Start by sorting through all of the clutter on the top shelf and organizing them into easily accessible boxes. Handbags, belts, and other accessories are great for storing on your top shelf.

What about your clothing and shoes? That’s where investing in some space-saving products can come in, such as:

  • Garment racks
  • Shoe organizers
  • Hangers
  • Shelves

You’ll be surprised at how much space you can save just by buying a simple rack or shoe organizer!

Skirt Your Table

Tables can take up a lot of space, especially in a small condo. Skirting your table gives you some extra storage space where everything is hidden from view. Storing books, board games, and miscellaneous boxes under your table is easy. You can update your table skirt to easily change the décor of your condo. Extra storage and decoration in one!

Get Kitchen Shelves

Organizing a condo kitchen can prove to be painstakingly difficult. Instead of cramming items into cupboards or storing stuff on the counter, invest in some open-faced shelving. This is great for storing dishware, small appliances, and ingredients that don’t need to be refrigerated.

Stackable Baskets to the Rescue

Are you tired of using plastic bins for your stackable storage? Stackable baskets are another option if you love the look of wooden or wicker baskets. Baskets are great for organizing the following items:

  • Magazines
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Video games
  • Clothes

Benches and Ottomans

You don’t just have to use benches and ottomans for comfort. Many of them have removable or hinged cushions to use for extra storage. Use an ottoman in your living room for storing video game controllers, board games, and coasters. Have a bench in your front hallway to keep umbrellas hidden away. A little extra storage goes a long way!

Following these tips can get you on the right track to organizing your space. Along with these guidelines, you should make it a habit to take stock of your things and see what you can do away with. Cleaning your space out isn’t just for spring-cleaning! We all have several unwanted things in our living spaces that can be donated, sold, or thrown away. Going through your condo and getting rid of unnecessary items can help you stay organized. Tidy living is here to give you the tips and product suggestions necessary to rid your condo of clutter.

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