Genius Storage Ideas for Your Shoes

Genius Storage Ideas for Your Shoes

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For some people, shoes are a must-have fashion staple, while others view them as a practical necessity. Either way, it can be stressful trying to keep your shoes organized without effective storage. If the growing mound of sneakers and sandals at the bottom of your closet is becoming tiresome, here are six ways to tackle the mess.

Adjustable Shelving

Are you dealing with a small closet that simply can’t hold anymore shoes? Fortunately, there is adjustable shelving that can help you create more storage for clothes and footwear. These sturdy open shelves can be rearranged to suit your needs, and you won’t have to pay for expensive design services or installation. Furthermore, you can set up your custom shelves in a different room or take them with you if you ever decide to move.

Door Hangers

If you have already invested in an adjustable shelving unit, you can also seek out a selection of door hangers. These handy organizers can store several pairs of shoes, and you can drape it on the front or back of the door. Overall, this is one of the easiest ways to maximize shelf space, especially in a narrow apartment closet. You can even buy one for each member of your family or place it in a common area of your home.  

Storage Tower

For those who own a lot of dress shoes, a vertically slanted shoe tower is also a great option. This allows you to keep your shoes neatly on display without sacrificing storage for your clothes. In addition, a slanted tower gets wider near the base so that your favorite shoes are always close by. If you feel that this will not be enough storage for all of your footwear, consider purchasing a door hanger as well.

Baskets and Drawers

Open shelving and storage racks or only the beginning. Home solutions retailers also have a wide selection of drawers, baskets and hutches that are designed to give your closet a more personal touch. Use them in combination with an open shelving unit or stack them together for a unique, built-in look. As a matter of fact, many people prefer a closed drawer for light footwear, like sandals or slippers.

Customized Organizers

What about those difficult spaces that do not have a defined closet area? A customized organizer can easily solve this problem, and it will also serve as an interior accent in your home. That is why there are functional organizers in a range of sophisticated styles and hues. These customized units are also portable and can be used in any area of your home.

Creative Alternatives

If you are starting to run out of ideas, it might be time to get creative with alternative storage spaces. For example, a row of slim rolling bins can fit snugly under your bed with multiple pairs of shoes inside. In a mud room or garage, a closed cabinet can also keep messy shoes and boots out of sight.

Ultimately, the key to effective shoe storage is to think outside of the box – or closet.

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