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Organizational Tips to Maximize Garage Space

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Your home’s garage has great potential for being extremely useful especially in terms of storage. However, many people simply use the extra space in the garage to stash and stack items without any sort of order. Over time, the entire space becomes full of clutter and it’s nearly impossible to find anything or have room to store new items.

Tidy Living is here to help. We are passionate about making the most of every storage space in the home with efficient storage systems. We know that the right organizational tools not only look beautiful, but are extremely useful as well and can help you create the organized garage you’ve always wanted.

Take Inventory

Before you start trying to organize your garage, you need to know what’s in there. Take everything out and go through it with a fine-toothed comb. This is the perfect time to do some decluttering as well. Toss out or donate items you never use. Anything you find that you didn’t remember you had is most likely something you don’t actually need. Once you’ve separated out things to get rid of, inventory the rest of the items and prepare your storage and organizational plan.

Invest in Shelving

Adding a shelving system to your garage makes it much easier to store things in a way that looks nice and is easy to maintain. Organization solutions retailers offer numerous types shelving options including boxes that slide right into the shelving unit. These are the perfect place to store smaller things that get lost easily sports balls and accessories, pet care items, and seasonal decorations.

When you’re measuring for shelving remember to leave room for your vehicle and any other large items you store in your garage such as gardening implements and bicycles. You may also want to consider adding a level of shelving along the roof if there’s room, so you can store items you don’t need frequently up and out of the way.

Create a System

Once you’ve purchased your shelving units, it’s time to store your items in an organized way. The key is to place items in such a way that you can accurately see what you have and reach everything relatively easily. You also want to make it easy to return things to their proper place after use. Group similar items together by creating different sections such as:

  • Tools and car maintenance
  • Crafting supplies
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Hobby supplies (e.g ham radio, RC vehicles, skiing gear, etc.)

It’s also important to clearly mark boxes with their contents. Instead of writing the contents on the boxes themselves, use an efficient numbering system. All you need to do is label each box with a number and create a master list of what is in each numbered box. When you change the contents, you can just update the list rather than trying to cross out and rewrite content information on the box itself.

Organizing your garage will not only maximize the amount of storage space you have, but will also make it much easier to see all your items and access them easily.

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