Organized Shoes

Organized Shoes

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You’ve got a lot of shoes. No one can fault you for that. However, if your gorgeous shoe collection is scattered all over the floor of your closet, they may end up scuffed or damaged. What’s worse, you may not be able to find that perfect pair when you need it the most. That is why it’s a good idea to keep your shoes organized. As your shoe collection grows, you will need to fit more into the same amount of space, while still protecting your more delicate shoes. That is why we’ve come up with some ingenious shoe storage solution that lets you find all your favorite pairs easily.

Re-purpose a Bookcase

The evenly-spaced shelves of an old bookcase can make a great storage space for your shoes. If the shelves are adjustable, space them to give your shoes plenty of room to rest without being crushed. Add a fresh coat of paint to make the bookcase feel new when you put it to a new use. Then move it into the closet or near where you keep your clothes, and line up your shoes on the shelves. You can easily group your shoes by style, or by the season in which you wear them by giving each type of shoe its own shelf.

Get a Door Organizer

Door organizers are another great way to store shoes, since they put them front and center when you open your closet to pick out an outfit. Door organizers are composed of pockets, each of which is big enough for a single pair of shoes. The organizer hangs over the closet door on hooks, putting all your shoes at eye level so you never have to get down on the floor of the closet and hunt for a pair.

Put in Some Shelves

If you don’t have room for a bookcase or don’t need that much storage space, consider installing some low shelves in your closet. A single row of shelving can double the storage space you have for shoes, plus it gets them up off the floor and gives each pair a designated place to be so you can always find a match when you need it.

Hanging Storage

Similar to door storage, hanging storage units keep your shoes suspended. Made up of pockets or boxes that hold pairs of shoes, hanging storage units fit over the bar in your closet so you can store your shoes right next to your outfits. You’ll need to make sure that the bar in your closet is sturdy enough to support the extra weight before using this organization technique.

Special Storage for Boots

If you own a number of tall boots, there are several special organization options you can try. Consider specialized boot storage tools that save space and preserve the shape of your boot at the same time. Since boots tend to take up more room than other types of shoes, special storage devices that hold one boot inverted and fitted to the other can save a lot of space in your closet.

Make sure your shoes are protected and always on hand when you need them. Get all your pairs organized for quick and easy matching with any outfit.

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