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Tips for Giving Your Office a Makeover

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Whether you like it or not, you probably spend most of your working day in an office. You may not be able to escape the office, but you can make it a more enjoyable place to spend time. One easy way to do this is by brightening up your work area. Giving your office a makeover can make you more productive, more comfortable, and happier to come into work today. Follow our tips to find out how to give your office or work space a much needed face lift.

Get Organized

Few things are more discouraging in the work environment than piles of paper and office supplies that don’t have a place. There are lots of creative storage solutions that can get some of the clutter off your desk and into a more manageable space. However, you can give your office a warmer and more inviting appearance by eschewing traditional furniture like filing cabinets for wall-mounted shelving and organizers such as you might use in your home.

Let the Light In

Lots of sunlight is essential for making your office seem warm and inviting. During the short days of winter, open windows and natural light are great for keeping workers awake and elevating their moods. Set up your office in a room with plenty of windows, but make sure that some unlucky workers don’t have the sun in their eyes all day. Arrange desks to cut down on glare, or offer the option of homey curtains or window shades to have an option of less light when you need it.

Get Comfortable

Comfort is important for workers who sit at a desk all day. Uncomfortable chairs or desks that are the right height can cause serious injuries when workers spend too much time using them. For this reason, make sure that all your desks are outfitted with comfortable office chairs and your desks have adjustable heights to make typing more comfortable. Ergonomic furniture is one of the easiest ways to give your office a makeover.

Add Personality

Just because your office serves a single purpose doesn’t mean that you have to check everything else at the door. Let your personality infect your working space in the form of something as simple as a throw rug in your favorite color or a work of art that your really enjoy hanging on the wall. There are plenty of ways to make the office fun and playful without sacrificing professionalism, and almost none of them involve Dilbert comics pinned to a bulletin board.

Go Easy on Your Eyes

Make sure that all workers in the office have the optimum amount of light to do their jobs well. Harsh overhead fluorescent lights are bright enough for almost any kind of work, but they can be hard on the eyes and lead to strain. Instead, consider softer bulbs placed in adjustable lamps so you can direct the light right where you need it and make do with less.

Once you’re comfortable in your office, you may find yourself getting more work done and feeling happier doing it. A few changes can make a huge difference.

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