7 Ways You Can Maximize Your Condo Space

7 Ways You Can Maximize Your Condo Space

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Condos are a great place to live when you’re in an urban area, but the downside is the limited space. Instead of moving out or throwing important memories in the trash, be creative in how you use the space in your place. Here are seven ideas to help you maximize condo space.

  1. Utilize all the empty spaces. Find a bookshelf that fits into space under the stairs. Find under-the-bed storage containers to take advantage of every nook and cranny in your home. Remember to think about vertical spaces, like above the toilet. Double the hanging space in your closet by adding another bar for hanging clothes.
  2. Find hidden spaces. Find furniture that has treasure compartments. Like a coffee table that opens up to store extra blankets. Look for custom-made products that provide extra little hiding places. Go shopping to explore the ideas and find items which fit your personality and style.
  3. Keep shelves open to create an illusion of a larger space. This lets you show off your beautiful glassware and dishes that you might not use all the time. You will want to keep your open cabinets in order to prevent it appearing cluttered and chaotic, but open spaces make your kitchen seem larger than it really is. It’s similar to the effect of mirrors in a room. Add shelves to give you more places to keep knickknacks and tchotchkes.
  4. Buy multi-functional furniture. A futon folds out and creates space for guests. Find chairs that convert into tables when you aren’t using them. Look around for options that fit your needs.
  5. Choose bunk beds for the kids. You can double the space in a room when you stack furniture. It saves on floor space and gives you more room for toys and desks. Buy bunk beds with built-in drawers and hidey-holes for extra space.
  6. Create stacks of books to display those coffee table tomes that you enjoy. This lets you take advantage of the vertical space in your home. You’ll be able to easily find the book you want anytime. Invest in bookshelves to store your favorite books. Use the library for books you only want to read once.
  7. Find creative storage containers. Baskets make great additions to any room to store small trinkets and other objects. Use ceramic bowls in your bathroom to hold jewelry and soap. Cedar chests and metal trunks are beautiful pieces that have storage room.


When you live in a smaller space, you have to carefully choose the items you want to keep. Have a space for everything. When you keep the clutter to a minimum, it makes your home appear bigger. You should label storage containers to know what’s inside boxes in the closet. It will save time when you need something.


Managing the space inside your condo isn’t easy, but your home will look fantastic when you think about how to utilize every little nook and cranny to its best. Stay organized and cleaned up. You and your family will enjoy your home more than ever when you maximize the space in your condo.


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