Four Shoe Storage Hacks for College Dorms

Four Shoe Storage Hacks for College Dorms

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Getting the most storage value out of every square foot in your college dorm is very important. Taking time to assess which belongings are likely to need the most storage space will help college-bound students figure out which storage systems are going to be most effective. For instance, if you anticipate having lots of shoes and clothes, then having shoe racks and other closet storage is going to be very important. You can start winning the battle against college clutter by memorizing a few important shoe storage hacks.

Organize By Season

If you are going to school in an area with lots of seasonal variation, your shoes are also going to have lots of variation. Aside from athletic shoes, you are unlikely to need the very same pairs of shoes all year round. Shoebox-sized bins and baskets can be labeled with tags designating season, color, style, and other characteristics. Sandals, canvas sneakers, and other lightweight shoes can be tucked away as winter approaches and heavy boots and warm footwear put away in spring.

Think Outside the Closet

There are dozens of great storage solutions designed especially for slipping beneath a bed. College beds are typically raised a couple feet off the floor to provide ample storage; if your bed does not offer this, consider purchasing lifts if your college permits their use. Then purchase a large storage box designed especially for shoes. These have convenient partitions that are perfect for storing virtually any style of shoe. Shoe-related items, such as heavy winter socks, can be tucked into any spaces not used for shoes.

Use Stackable Bins

You can find many different bins that are perfectly sized for shoes and boots; bins designed with lids are usually very easy to stack and form secure, stable columns for highly precise organization. These bins can be an opportunity to express your creativity:

  • Use a computer to design labels; use different typefaces for different shoe styles
  • Select bins in a variety of colors to color-code each shoe variety
  • Use paints, permanent markers, stickers, and glue to embellish bins and lids
  • Look for bins made of different materials; wicker, fabric, and rigid plastic are all easy to find

Stackable bins can be used to create even more storage. For instance, a tall pair of boots that need to be stored vertically can be propped up between two columns of shoe bins. A little creative arrangement will reveal all kinds of interesting possibilities.

Use the Door

Shoe racks and storage bags designed to hang over the door are some of the most affordable and convenient options available. These can be positioned to hang inside the door or on the outside; this way you will always have access to a wide variety of footwear without having to look very far. Shoe storage bags are great because they make use of vertical space very effectively. While closet shelves might have to be used for things other than shoe storage bins, the door’s vertical surface is perfect for a highly visual display.

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