Laundry Hampers, Bags, and Baskets Perfect for Your Dorm

Laundry Hampers, Bags, and Baskets Perfect for Your Dorm

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Space in a dorm room is limited. There’s no way you can have laundry all over the floor and study, eat and relax in your room. Then, let’s discuss the smell. When you have a small space that doesn’t have a great deal of circulation, every piece of trash and unwashed shirt begin to smell even worse even quicker. Air fresheners and odor eliminators can only do so much. That’s why you need a great laundry organization system in your dorm room to contain your clothes between washes. Choosing the right hamper or basket isn’t hard, but you do need to consider some things.

  • It should be stylish and fit into your décor. Think polka-dots or bright colors to add pizazz to the room without it seeming out of place. You might also want to consider appliques to personalize the basket or hamper to easily recognize it in the laundry room.
  • Look for durability. No matter how cute your hamper or basket is, if it falls apart in just a few uses it’s not going to do you any good. You want your hamper to be made of thick canvas and have secure rivets and joints where they come together.
  • How much should it hold? Unless you want to be traipsing to the laundry room every two or three days, you want a large basket or hamper that holds up to a week’s worth of laundry. This also prevents overflow.
  • Easy toting is another important consideration. If your laundry room is across campus, you want a hamper that will be easy to get in and out of your car or have the ability to be carried a long distance. If the laundry room is right down the hall, you might consider a rolling cart that is easy to maneuver short distances.
  • Think about what type of clothes you wear. IF you wear mostly athletic wear that doesn’t require sorting, a large, open-mouthed basket might be perfect. If you have nicer clothes, you might want to think about a divided hamper that lets you pre-sort your casuals and delicates before you get to the laundry.

Once you do your laundry each week, take it back to your room and get it put up right away. Don’t mix dirty and clean clothes. Make it a priority to get your laundry done when the hamper is full and you’ll always be ready for class through the week. Today’s college laundry is much easier to do than ever before. Smaller packets for laundry soap and fabric softener are lighter to tote to the laundromat.

Keeping the chaos to a minimum helps your mood and gives you more time to study. Who knew that a simple laundry hamper or basket was vital to your college years. Whether you take your clothes down the hall or home to mom and dad, you want to look good and know your container isn’t going to fall apart.

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