6 Essentials For Tidy Living

6 Essentials For Tidy Living

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Face it, there’s not a lot of room in your dorm room. Research shows that chaos makes it difficult to be productive. When your dorm room isn’t neat and tidy, you can’t study effectively. You probably won’t want to entertain friends in your college room. Ultimately, the longer you wait to tidy up, the more time it takes. How can you get your room under control? There’s actually more space in your room than you might realize. Here are six essentials areas in your room that you can organize to have more storage space and keep clutter from getting out of control.

  1. Closet – You may have a closet that is only three to five feet wide. And even worse, you might have to share with a roommate. Instead of cramming everything in there, think vertically. Get a rod doubler to create twice the amount of hanging space. Add a hanging sweater bag or hangers that allow you to hang four or more pair of pants.
  2. Walls and doors – Use the wall space for more than posters and bulletin boards. Get hooks for your purses or grids to offer hanging space for hair ties and jewelry. Add a door hook for bathrobes. Use adhesive hooks which can be easily removed when it’s time to move and don’t damage the walls.
  3. Desks – Standard college desks usually aren’t efficient for storage of books, notebooks and supplies plus a computer. Get a small file cart and baskets to organize your notes and handouts. Get a desk organizer set to keep pens controlled. Instead of purchasing reference books, access the dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia online.
  4. Laundry – Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a laundry room on your floor, you’ll still have to haul your laundry a small distance. Get laundry organizers and sorters that keep your dirty clothes contained. Get on a system to do laundry each week. Take the time to put it up when you’re done washing clothes to be ready for class every morning.
  5. Bath – Chances are you share a bathroom when you live in a dorm. Get a shower caddy with drainage holes to keep everything at the ready. Find a storage solution for your makeup and cosmetics. Invest in a small towel rack to hang up wet towels to keep them from mildewing.
  6. Storage – Think about every inch of available space in your dorm room. Keep winter clothes under the bed in storage containers until you need them. Shoe organizers can hang on the back of a closet door and give you more floor space. Get additional shelves to have more cubbyholes for storage. Be creative.

When you have a place for everything and everything in its place, you won’t spend precious minutes looking for stuff before class. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or a few extra minutes of sleep instead of trying to grab what you need for class. You won’t feel as discombobulated when you do get to your classroom. You’ll be able to focus on your education.

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