Five Great Reasons to Use a Laundry Rack to Dry Clothes

Five Great Reasons to Use a Laundry Rack to Dry Clothes

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You might think that every home should have the standard pair of essential labor saving technology – the washer and dryer. Actually, this classic duo may not be as necessary as you might think. While a washing machine is still an indispensable household staple, a standard dryer might not be. There are actually many reasons to consider drying your clothes the old fashioned way with the help of a drying rack or even on a line outside. Sure, there are likely to be a few time-sensitive situations in which you will be happy to have access to a dryer but if you do not currently have one you can still enjoy fresh, perfectly clean laundry courtesy of a drying rack.

Clothes Smell Great

Adding a bit of laundry softener to a load of drying clothes is a standard habit for many people. However, a surprising number of us are actually sensitive or allergic to the artificial scents contained in many softening products. If your washing machine and preferred detergent are doing their job correctly your clothing is going to smell fresh and clean even without that final added ingredient.

No More Noise

Sure, a dryer might only make a low rumble but there are times when even this is too much noise. Have a new baby in the house? Trying to recover from a migraine? Want to avoid annoying your neighbours? A drying rack makes no noise at all while doing its work. You can quickly and easily dry clothing at any time of day without the process making a hint of sound.

Save Money on Utilities

Even if you run your standard dryer for a few hours a month, you are spending a surprising amount of money for the privilege. Most households use their dryers several times a week – maybe even multiple times each day – just to keep up with the laundry. This can add up to hundreds of dollars over just one year; cutting back on even some of this can add up to major savings.

Keep Your Clothing Looking Great

Dryers are actually pretty hard on clothing. All the heat and spinning breaks down clothing fibers at an accelerated rate; this is why your favorite t-shirts start to look droopy and why jeans no longer fit the same way. Dryers can damage many different types of fabric, including:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Angora
  • Polyester
  • Spandex

Line or rack drying protects these types of fabrics from breaking down. You can enjoy your very favorite garments for much longer and save money by not having to purchase replacements every few months.

Racks Are Great for Small Spaces

Living in an apartment, studio, or dorm usually means that space is at a premium; having a dryer of your very own may be simply impossible. Once a load of laundry has been done it can be hung up in the comfort and privacy of your home; you finish your chores faster since you do not have to wait at the laundromat for the drying cycle to finish. After collecting your dry clothes, simply fold the rack and put it away.

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