Organize Your College Dorm Room With These 15 Hacks

Organize Your College Dorm Room With These 15 Hacks

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You are standing in the doorway of your college dorm room, taking in the tiny view. Your mind might be racing: “How can I get all my stuff to fit in here?” Though it can be a challenge at times, it is possible to organize your way to success. Here are 15 easy hacks that help you make wise use of each square inch.

Scarf Hanger

Buy a set of the rings that usually hold up a shower curtain, then attach them all to a single hefty hanger. You can thread a scarf through each ring, allowing them to hang with minimal creasing.

Closet Shelving

Make the most of the space at the bottom of your hanging items by adding a tall shelving unit. You can store shoes, boxes and bins on the shelves and even add a hanging rod on the side if room allows.

Cord Hider

Power strips can be unsightly, plus they get dusty pretty fast. Buy or make a prettier box to store the strip in, then cut holes in the side to put the cords through. Label each hole to prevent confusion.

Shower Organizer

If you have a place in your communal bathroom to hang an organizer, get a shoe holder designed to hang on the back of a door and leave it in the bathroom.

Makeup Tray

Though you may have a large makeup collection, you can save room by choosing the most commonly used items and putting them in a small divided tray. Having the key items visible will help you save time as well.

Class Bins

Create a labeled bin for each course you are taking, and put the special tools – lab aprons or art supplies — needed for the class in the bin.

Pen Organizer

Fill a large, decorative box with sections of toilet paper tubes, then fill the tubes with different types or colors of writing utensils

Deadline Tracker

Whether you choose a large cork board or dry erase board, you can organize your life and meet deadlines by writing things down.

Jewelry Holder

Peg board is perfect for holding jewelry and other accessories. Every item is organized and easily visible for grabbing on the go.

Cord Assistant

Binder clips hooked to the edges of your desk keep power cords and chargers organized and accessible.

Hanging Pockets

Maximize every inch of space in your room by adding hanging pockets to the end of your bed or the inside of your closet door.

Spicy Supplies

Turn the jars of a traditional spice rack into holders for small office supplies such as paperclips and tacks.

Double Hangers

Hanging a metal tab from the top of a soda can on your clothing hangers allows you to add a second hanger and optimize your closet space.

Folded T-Shirts

Keep all your T-shirts visible and organized by folding them first in half and then in thirds. You’ll cut down on wrinkles and speed up the dressing process.

Cord Labels

Use the plastic clips from bread bags to label the cords on your power strip.

These 15 shortcuts should help you take control of your dorm room. For additional tips, visit TidyLiving today.

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