Organizing Your Bedroom Closet Effectively

Organizing Your Bedroom Closet Effectively

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Bedroom closets often become a catch-all storage space filled with much more than clothes. In addition to the necessary shoes, outerwear, and accessories you probably have any number of other articles in there. Bedding, out of season clothing, holiday decorations, and even forgotten gifts can get tossed into bedroom closets simply because it seems like there is no better place to store them. Adding a bit of organization of a bedroom closet might seem like a tall order but there are actually several simple strategies that you can implement. In just a weekend you can organize your bedroom closet and create loads of additional storage space for the things you really want to keep in there.

Start By Identifying Clutter

Chances are good that there are several items in your bedroom closet that do not actually need to be there. Start by removing just a few of them. Other unnecessary items will need to be removed at some point but do not get distracted by this step; remove a few items now, then repeat again in another week or so. Continue until all of the clutter has been taken away.

Consider placing a box or bin near your closet to begin collecting items that you wish to get rid of. A bin for trash and a bin for donations is a good way to impose organization on the clutter. Do not hesitate to get rid of items that have seen little or no use in the past several months. Tastes and fashions change, and you do not need to keep things that have no appeal or usefulness. A little boldness will certainly help you achieve long-term organization.

Consider Space Savers

Vacuum packing bulky items such as sweaters, coats, down vests, and bedding is a good way to minimize the space they take up. Space-saving systems are quite affordable and are typically reusable, so you can retrieve and return out of season items at any time. Vacuum packed items are easy to handle and can be stacked or placed neatly on shelves. This is also a great way to protect delicate items from insects and pests.

Get Ready to Label

As you sort items into vacuum packed bags or brand new storage bins, label each new container. There are actually several different ways that you can label your closet’s containers; you will certainly find a system that works for you. Consider options such as:

  • Labeling according to season
  • Sorting casual, formal, semi-formal, and workplace
  • Separating each color, or according neutrals, primary colors, and patterns
  • Sorting shoes according to heel height or style

Labels can also be placed onto custom closet rod tags. These are nice if you want a clear visual marker between different portions of your wardrobe.

Permanent labels might sound appealing, though many people find that removable labels are actually more convenient. You may discover that your initial organization strategy is not the one that suits your daily habits. Being able to switch labels, later on, is a good way to keep your closet neat in an organic and meaningful way.

Tidy Living has great closet storage solutions ideas that will help you get a jump start on closet organization.

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