10 Easy Tricks to Organize Your Dorm Room

10 Easy Tricks to Organize Your Dorm Room

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College dorm rooms are a refuge from lecture halls and library cubicles, so you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, they rarely are large enough to contain all the luxuries of home. But you can make the most of the space with a few organizational tips that just make good sense. Plus, these helpful practices can translate well to your first apartment as well.

Closet Shelves

Many college students like to create storage space under their bed, but if you don’t want an elevated mattress or there’s just no room under the bed, you should look to your closet instead. Using stackable shelves, you can create storage space for shoes, books, bins or other items you use often but still want to hide away.

Under the Bed

However, if you do have room under the bed or want to create a lofted sleeping space, this is a great option for storage. Add stackable bins to hold your belongings or even move your desk to the spot the bed formerly filled.

Maximize Power

There are not a lot of outlets in standard dorm rooms, most of which were built before we had so many electronic devices. Plan to bring outlet expanders that turn the two plugins into six. Also, extension cords often are not allowed for safety reasons, so buy several surge protectors, which offer the same utility.

Plastic Shelf Carts

These stacked bins on wheels are great for storing stuff, but they can do double duty as printer tables, nightstands or coffee prep stations.

Reusable Hooks

Dorm regulations almost universally prohibit putting holes in the walls. As such, you’ll come to rely on reusable hooks for everything from key storage to umbrella hangers.

Desk Hutch

Maximize your desk space by adding a hutch to the top. It can a metal shelving unit or a series of wooden cubicles. Either way, make a space for your printer, charging station and other accessories.

Accessory Organizer

Pegboards are a great way to organize belts, jewelry or watches. You can keep everything in its place and visible for grabbing quickly as you go out the door.

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage units can run the length of a door and be installed without drilling any holes. Use the shelves or plastic pockets to hold school necessities, laundry supplies or snack foods.

Storage Bins

You should plan on bringing decorative shoe boxes or plastic bins for holding all kinds of useful items such as basic sewing supplies, medicines, a first-aid kit and basic tools.

Kitchen Space

As a student, you won’t always have the time or the desire to trudge down to the dining hall. You can create a little makeshift kitchen in your room for quick preparation. Start with a mini fridge on the bottom, then use a narrow set of adjustable shelves to hold a coffee maker, hot pot, dishes and mugs.

Just because your dorm room is small doesn’t mean it can’t be functional. With a little innovation, you can organize your way to a space that’s a lot like home.

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