5 Tips to Get Organized This Fall

5 Tips to Get Organized This Fall

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How organized was your summer? If things felt a little chaotic and you’d like to start the new season feeling more pulled together, do some fall cleaning. Use these tips to help you get organized this fall and stay that way.

  1. Take Care of the Heavy Cleaning

Fall is the perfect time to do the heavy-duty cleaning in your home. Rent a steam cleaner — or hire a professional — and deep clean your curtains, sofas, beds and carpets. Doing so removes dust and pet dander, so you may even realize you are breathing easier. This is also a good time to weed out summer clothes you know you won’t wear again as well as to get rid of any winter clothes you won’t wear.

  1. Create a School Station

If you have kids, you probably have a pile of shoes, coats and backpacks by the door. Even if they aren’t in the way, they probably aren’t very pleasing to the eye. Remedy the mess by creating a school station for each child. You can build cubby holes if you have space, but a basket system works just as well. Use them to hold shoes, backpacks, coats and lunch boxes. You can organize further by sewing a pocket onto each basket and using it to hold permission slips and other important school forms.

  1. Clean Your Home’s Exterior

When the leaves begin to fall, they can easily get stuck in gutters, causing clogs that prevent rain, snow and ice from draining away from your home the way they should. At the beginning of the season and once again toward the end, hire a professional to clean gutters, power wash your siding, repair porches or decks as needed and ensure your home is safe and ready for winter weather.

  1. Safely Store Outdoor Items

Don’t let your patio furniture, grills and lawn equipment stay outside and deteriorate during the fall and winter months. Clean patio furniture and wash cushions before storing them indoors to ensure longevity. Drain fluid from lawn mowers and other lawn machinery and clean all your lawn and gardening tools before putting them away. This will prevent insects and other vermin from being attracted to them. Finally, do the same for your grill before storing it. Even microscopic pieces of food or grease can attract mice and other pests. Don’t forget to disconnect the propane tank if it has one as a full tank could ignite and cause an explosion. If you plan to use your grill during the winter months, you should still clean it thoroughly and cover it with a waterproof tarp between uses.

  1. Purchase Portable Organization Tools

Portable organization tools such as shoe organizers, laundry sorters and shelving systems keep you organized even in the smallest of spaces. Even better, you can easily fold them up and take them with you if you move or decide to rearrange the layout of your home. Sign up for our newsletter and receive weekly organizational tips.

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