7 Places to Fit an Office in the Living Room

7 Places to Fit an Office in the Living Room

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Thinking about setting up an office in your home but feel you don’t have the room? Tidy Living is here to give you a helping hand with seven places to fit your home office so that you’re better organized and more comfortable while taking care of business at home.

  1. Part of Your Bookshelf

Put the space for your favorite books to good use by purchasing a bookshelf with adjustable shelves so you have space for a stool, computer and lamp. For extra style points, you can conceal the desk with a curtain or sliding panel.

  1. Inside a Side Table

If it’s simply a little extra space you need for your current home office, you can put your supplies in organizing boxes and store them all in a shelving unit. Besides office space, the shelving unit can serve double duty as a side table and triple duty as a desk for those times when you need to do a quick bit of work.

  1. Just Behind the Sofa

Depending on how you have your living room set up, the space behind your couch could make for an ideal area for a narrow table and chair for your office. This is a great option if your office is little more than a laptop and a small space for necessary supplies and your morning coffee or tea.

  1. Beneath the Stairs

What could be cozier than an office tucked under the stairs? Use the space to its maximum potential and add some shelves underneath your stairs for books, files and anything else you might need to get work done.

  1. Behind a Partition

Partitions are great if you want to conceal your home office or separate your workspace from your living space. Specifically, you can use curtains, shutters and screens to hide your desk away for those times where you simply want to forget all about work and enjoy yourself in your living room.

  1. Inside an Armoire

Don’t be afraid to customize your existing armoire or hutch so that it makes for the perfect space for a mini-office. Much like many of the ideas touched on above, a desk inside of an armoire is easily tucked away or concealed when not in use so you can truly make the most of your living space. If you either don’t have an armoire or hutch or are unable to find one, a secretary desk makes for a great alternative.

  1. Inside of a Closet

Homeowners who have more closet space than they do linens, coats and storage with which to fill them have the perfect space for an office. Before stuffing a desk and chair inside of a closet, be sure you take careful measurements of both the closet and the desk to ensure everything fits perfectly and comfortably. Depending on whether you don’t mind leaving your closet office visible, you can either leave the doors on or take them off.

There are plenty of creative ways to add an office inside of your living room. If these tips aren’t enough, or if you need a bit of assistance in making the most of your new workspace, don’t forget that Tidy Living is always here at your disposal.

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