10 Ways to Organize Your Home at Back-to-School Time

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If busy summer days tend to result in a laissez-faire attitude about household tidiness, back-to-school season probably triggers the desire for a more organized approach. You can get your home back into shape – and regain your sanity — with a few of these handy tips for organizing your spaces.


Start With the Kitchen


The kitchen is the hub of most homes, and as such it tends to become a dumping ground for every member of the family. The kitchen is a great place to start your organizational efforts. Return items that belong elsewhere to their rightful place. Reorganize the pantry and fridge for easier school-lunch preparation. Give the room a good scrubbing to start the school year fresh.


Spend Time in Every Room


Although the kids’ rooms might seem to be the most likely candidates for organizational overhauls, there is a good chance most of the spaces in your home could use some help. This includes closets and even bookshelves. Think about your family’s daily routines and make sure you view every room as fodder for organizing.


Prepare for Quick Escape


Getting out the door in the morning can be a chore. Make it easier by ensuring your foyer or mudroom is optimized for functionality. Adults can use a bowl or hook to stow their keys every day. Kids can use a chair for putting on shoes or filling a backpack.


Don’t Neglect the Laundry Room


Laundry rooms are where dirty things go for a makeover, which means the floor and surfaces are bound to need a good cleaning. Add attractive containers to hold laundry supplies and cut down on clutter. Create labeled baskets for clothes belonging to each family member.


Organize the Bathrooms


Again, personalized bins can work wonders in the bathroom. Focus on the morning routine and organize bathrooms in a way that makes functional sense for smooth prep times.


Create Study Area


Dedicated areas for studying are more helpful when they are organized. Include bookshelves, clutter-free work surfaces and task lighting to set your students up for success.


Consider Collectibles


Chances are that you’ve accumulated quite a school projects over the years. Take a look at what you’ve gathered and choose a few pieces from each year to keep. Consider framing some of the nicest work, then scan or photograph the others so you can preserve the memories without the clutter.


Sort Through Closets


Back-to-school time is ideal for sorting through your children’s closets. Cull out the outgrown clothes and items they no longer use. Donate any objects that might be useful to families in need.


Family Room Fun


Consider the family room to be a fun zone where personal items don’t belong. That way, both adults and kids can relax in the space and get a break from work.


Garage Extravaganza


The garage is another area that is prone to becoming a dumping ground. It shouldn’t be a struggle to get out of the car each day, so consider adding shelves for storage and hooks for wet coats or umbrellas.


If back-to-school time has inspired you to reorganize your home after a laid-back summer, TidyLiving.com can help.

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