Hampers and Such to Help You Sort

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Hampers and Such to Help You Sort  


Getting your laundry under control isn’t easy. For a lot of people, space is an issue. There isn’t enough floor space to have laundry baskets in every bathroom and bedroom. Let’s talk about getting your laundry organized. Here are five steps you can take to tackle the mountains of dirty laundry in your home.


  1. Location, location, location. The first step is placing hampers and sorters in places where they will be used. Bedrooms, bathrooms and mudrooms are the typical places where people take off clothes. Once you’ve decided where to put these hampers, remember that you’ll need to routinely grab these sorters and get them to the laundry. You don’t want to skimp, but you also don’t want so many that you get weary of grabbing all of them every week.
  2. Have a system to deal with the dirty clothes, bedding and towels. Wet towels in the bathroom may need to be dealt with more frequently than delicates or dish towels. You may have to train your family to put dirty clothes into the hamper. If they’re not accustomed to sorting clothes, it may take a few weeks to get them in the right mode, but once you do, it will save you time. Set the rules and follow them to get your family on board.
  3. Put your laundry away after it’s clean. When clean clothes pile up in the laundry room, it causes confusion about what’s clean or dirty. Don’t let this chaos mess up your system. It takes time to rewash clothes. Once you get a system into place, stick with it.
  4. Consider the types of hampers and sorters you want to use. We offer a plethora of different styles to help you find the ones that fit into your home. Look for bright colors and stylish designs for your kid’s room to encourage them to use the hamper. Put a triple-sorter in your room to separate out your delicate items from casual wear. Find pretty baskets for your bathroom.
  5. Create a laundry schedule. Consistency is the key to getting all the chores done each week. Don’t be afraid to ask the family to help. Children can fold towels and sort socks. Teach them early to do their own laundry. It makes morning time easier when they know what’s clean and what isn’t, and when they move out, they’ll be more independent. Everyone in the house should be responsible for some aspect of the laundry, even if it’s just putting their own clothes in the hamper.


There are many different styles of hampers and sorters that make it easier to keep your laundry under control. Whether you live in an apartment, a house or dorm room, we have the products to manage your dirty clothes. You still have to deal with those clothes, but once you get organized, you’ll find it’s easier to keep it done every week. Get on a system to make your life simpler. The dirty clothes won’t take care of themselves, but you can get ahead of the problem.

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