Give Your Kids a Closet Makeover

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Of all the storage spaces inside your home, one of the toughest to keep clean and organized is likely to be the children’s closet. Not only does a kid’s closet have to store clothes and shoes, toys, backpacks, school supplies, and loads of other items are likely to be kept there, too. Due to space restrictions it is not unusual to keep out of season bedding, winter coats, and other occasional-use items all in the same place. Parents can give their kids a serious closet makeover with a few simple changes.


Think Vertical


Horizontal space – floor space and area on shelves – is often at a premium inside closets. For this reason, utilizing vertical space is a very effective organizational strategy. The door and the closet space itself can be used.


Look for over-the-door shoe organizers to store bedroom slippers, flip flop sandals, and other pairs of shoes that are not used on a daily basis. If there are extra compartments in the organizer, tuck in some deodorizers to give the closet a clean, fresh smell. Tote bags and other items can be rolled up or folded, then tucked into any additional compartments.


There are many different hooks and hangers that can be placed on top of the closet door; face some hooks inside the closet and some outside for more versatile storage. If there is not adequate clearance between the top of the door and the jamb, use screws to mount heavy duty plastic or metal hooks to the door itself. This is a great way to accommodate kids whose reach is not very high.


Mounting a second closet rod partway down the height of closet is good if children of different ages share the same storage space. The younger child’s clothing can be kept on the bottom in easy reach while the other child’s garments are hung up higher. This strategy can also be used to divide up seasonal garments, special occasion items from daily clothing, or tops from bottoms.


Improving Shelf Organization


Most closets have one or two shelves but they are not always conveniently designed for children’s use. Adding shorter shelving units or even small chest of drawers is a nice way to put toys and other necessities in easy reach without taking up a lot of space. Consider these ideas when planning shelf use:


  • Use color-coded bins to store toys, books, art supplies, and other items.
  • Let each child select bins and boxes featuring their favorite colors or patterns.
  • Have a family art day spent decorating the boxes used to improve shelf storage.
  • Use baskets or other containers to organize items according to which day of the week they will be used.
  • Place an empty bin on the shelves so children can collect items they no longer want to keep; the entire bin can be donated to charity once it is full.


Simply Effective


Keeping closets for children clean takes a little effort and most of all, it requires planning. Develop simple strategies that kids can easily understand and then be consistent in implementation

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