Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Purge and Get Organized

Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Purge and Get Organized

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While you don’t have to wait for the changing seasons to do a deep clean of your home, spring is a time of renewal and vitality. If you do plan on cleaning your home when plants and flowers start to show their colors, you might as well do it right. Learn a few tips for when you decide to do more than just pick up around your home.

Assemble Your Scrubbing Army

The first thing to do is check to see what cleaning products you have. You don’t want to get two hours into deep scrubbing and organizing your home only to run out of cleaning spray or scrubbing sponges. Decide which products and tools you need and make sure you have them, taking care that you make sure you use up what you currently have before breaking open a fresh bottle or pack. Additionally, anything you use to clean your home should be of high quality.


Over time, it’s easy to let things pile up in your bathroom closet, medicine chest, dresser, kitchen drawers and various other storage areas in your home. Go through each of them and decide what to keep and what to throw out, donate or give to someone else. When you’ve decided what you want to hold on to, make sure it hasn’t expired. You should also give serious thought to items and products that you’ll actually use in the future. There’s no need to keep an item if it will only sit in your kitchen drawer unopened and unused until the next spring cleaning session rolls around.

Slim Down The Kitchen Pantry and Fridge

Speaking of expired products, sort through your kitchen pantry and fridge for items that have gone bad or will soon go bad. Either throw food items out or plan to make a meal with them soon, maybe after you’ve finished cleaning. While you’ve got everything out and off of the shelves, it’s a good time to clean and organize. Turn cans so that you can read the labels with a glance, and group foods together to make them easier to find. With your fridge, arrange items so that the foods and items you use often are positioned at the front where they’re easy to pull out and put back.

Desk Duty

If you have a desk or space where you keep your mail, it’s time to tackle it next. Clear your desk before wiping it down and go through everything to see what you actually want to keep before placing items back on your desk or inside drawers. While you’re at it, take a look and see if you’re running low on printer paper, pens, staplers, paper clips and anything else you commonly use at your desk. As for your mail, decide what to keep, what to shred and what you might need to take action on, such as overdue bills or useful specials or deals to take advantage of.

These are just a few tips for your next spring cleaning session. Turn to Tidy Living for more ideas to keep you better organized.

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